The big luxury automakers are trying to expand their product lines until they can fill every possible niche. Hot hatches, minivans, coupe versions of SUVs, coupe versions of sedan versions of coupes (yo, dawg!). But despite this plethora of models, none of them have given you what you really want... until now.

If you hung out at the local arcade in the '80s, you probably dumped at least a week's allowance into arcade racer Out Run. Now it's back in 3D glory thanks to Nintendo.

The words coming out of the pen might not be gold themselves, but at least you can be half way there with the latest P´3135 Solid Gold Pen from Porsche Design.

To celebrate 50 years of German excellence, ALPINA will be producing special anniversary editions based on the current B5 and B6 Bi-turbo models (5-series and 6-series BMWs, respectively).

Our favourite camera-armed pseudo-scientists are back and they have only one question on their minds: will you stay dry in a convertible when driving through the rain?

Akrapovič makes some amazing looking and sounding titanium exhaust systems for some of the greatest sounding cars in the world. But sometimes, for some reason (yeah, I don't get it either), you need to make it quieter.

Move over, Subaru. Take a break, Mitsubishi. There's a new rally-focused brand in Japan and they might end up bringing out a hot hatch for the rest of us to enjoy.

When Mercedes-AMG's new Porsche 911 fighter arrives in Canada it will be sporting an asking price of $149,900, Mercedes-Benz Canada announced.

A report today says Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended by the BBC for an indefinite period of time following "a fracas with a Top Gear producer.

IndyCar is set to look quite different when the green flag is dropped at the first race, the Firestone Grand Prix Of St. Petersburg on March 29th. Two manufacturers, Chevrolet and Honda, have released their new aero packages to be used by the teams for the year.