As Chevrolet gears up to release a brand new Camaro very soon, the brand is retrospectively looking at the successful pony car's design.

Everyone likes a good con artist film and the next one coming to theatres features something tuned to our four-wheeled loving hearts.

A single DIN navigation radio isn't something that's typically newsworthy. But, when that radio is coming from Porsche Classic specifically to fit vehicles going back as far as the '60s, we need to check the date and make sure it isn't April Fools.

Once you hear it, you can't unhear it.

Kurt Busch has been suspended from NASCAR competition indefinitely following a court's finding Busch "by a preponderance of the evidence ... committed an act of domestic violence" against then-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll.

Because Mercedes-Benz isn't content with leaving the legendary Geländewagen alone for ten minutes, they've come up with a new concept building on many of the lessons learned from the G 63 AMG 6x6.

Multimatic Inc. will assemble the new Ford GT in Canada.